Rope and Harness - Ladder Safety

Rope and Harness & Ladder Safety Course

Learn How You Can Eliminate the risks Associated With High, Steep & Slippery Roof Inspection in this 1 day, 8 hour course.

The industry trend for a majority of Independent Adjusting firms is now to require Rope & Harness training  for their core adjusters.  Simply put, they are looking for more accurate work product and less liability. Look in any new neighborhood and you will notice that the building trend has begun to lean towards steeper and steeper roofs.  In all actuality, the chances that you will encounter a claim with a high, steep or slippery slope on your next assignment are around 90 - 100%.  Those adjusters who can and will safely climb any and all roofs will stay on storm longer and in turn make more money.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Don’t be, this training is not designed to scare you off of the roof, it is designed to make you more comfortable, take out some of the heavy lifting associated with steep roofs all the while maintaining a level of safety that all carriers expect out of their adjusters.  Remember, the only person that is responsible for your safety is YOU!


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